ANM is a young contemporary woman’s fashion clothing line. Its designs, quality and attention to detail are influenced by the high fashion industry of Europe.

ANM has exceeded our expectations and continues to grow in popularity around North America and Europe.

With each season, our inspiration at ANM continues to change while staying current with the trends of today’s fashion at an affordable price.

Staying on top of trends in your own neighborhood is tough enough. So it takes some serious know-how to navigate international waters. ANM is a young line whose attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and cutting-edge design inspirations have won them a strong following in both Europe and North America. With cool racerbacks, catwalk-ready criss-cross backs, and cute ruffled bibs, these dresses speak the lingo of the coming season. Influenced by the high fashion industry in Europe and inspired by the worldwide language of rock and roll, these street-chic essentials from ANM could be just the snap, crackle, and pop your closet needs for sizzling nights. Edgy, sexy, and totally contemporary: these are looks that say "now," in any language.